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Contemporary Doors

Contemporary glass is a range that offers a choice of designs including brilliant cutting, etched effect, fused coloured tiles and bonded bevels. Where colour is required a coloured film may be added.

Westminster Green Etched Tiles
Westminster Green Etched Tiles Style Door
Diamond Bevel
Diamond Bevel Glass
Genoa Glass
All Abbey Collection doors are available in all the colour options shown throughout this brochure. All doors are supplied white on the inside, but may be purchased oak both sides by special order.
Margam Lisbon
Margam Lisbon Style Door
Etched Scroll
Etched Scroll Glass
Fused Black Fan
Fused Black Fan
Fused Blue Swirl
Fused Blue Swirl Glass
Green Fused Tiles
Green Fused Tiles Glass
To create a totally unique look for your home, all contemporary glass designs are able to be tailored to your individual specifications using tiles, bevels and film.
Neath Etched Scroll
Neath Etched Scroll Style Door
Etched Rennie
Etched Rennie Glass
Etched Star
Etched Star Glass
Lisbon Glass
Using the latest technology, quality craftsmanship and high grade materials, Abbey Collection doors are well designed with the utmost importance placed on security.
Cleeve Amalfi
Cleeve Amalfi Style Door
Bilbao Glass
Cordoba Bevel
Cordoba Bevel Glass
Madrid Glass
Queen Anne Bevel
Queen Anne Bevel Glass
Etched Stripes
Etched Stripes Glass
Queen Fused Red Diamond
Queen Fused Red Diamond Glass
Matching your door both in style and colour the snap together ABS glazing system is designed to be both attractive and secure.
Door - Westminster Glass - Genoa Type Contemporary
Door - Westminister
Glass - Genoa
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Detail | Genoa
Door - Margam Glass Fuse Blue Swirl Type Contemporary
Door - Margam
Glass - Fused Blue Swirl
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Detail | Lisbon
Door - Neath | Glass - Etched Star
Door - Neath | Glass - Etched Star
Etched Scroll
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Detail | Etched Scroll
Door - Cleeve | Glass - Madrid
Door - Cleeve | Glass - Madrid
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Detail | Madrid